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What if?

What if tonight you took your last breath?

Would you wish you had lived a little brighter? Loved a Hell of a lot harder?

Would you regret that you turned down that adventure and chose safety instead?

Would you wish you had spoken more gently, treated the feelings of another with more grace, more empathy?

What if tomorrow you didn’t get to see the sun rise high or the moon sparkle over a dark blanket of ocean?

Would you accept it?

Or would you fight?

Would you waste this last few hours wishing things were different? Trying to change an unchangeable thing?

Or would you run barefoot out the door and into the arms of nature? Would you dive into the salty waves and throw your head to the sky, thankful that you got one last chance to feel alive? Would you seize every second, knowing your time was ticking away and you would never get it back?

Would you say “I love you,” one more time? Give one more hug? Sing at the top of your voice and dance with wild unstoppable passion?

Or would you waste it?

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for anyone.

This moment, this very second is all we have for sure. If tomorrow you didn’t get to open your eyes, would you know that today you lived beautifully?

The Light of Oriah: Burning Jungle – It’s here!!

I am so pleased to announce that The Light of Oriah: Burning Jungle is now ready and available to purchase both in paperback and for your eReader!

The Light of Oriah - Burning JungleSynopsis:

A fast paced fantasy fiction taking us on a quest from the depths of the Congo, to the rural woodlands of England and on to the hot and humid rainforest of Borneo. Romantic, enticing and utterly addictive.

Hidden deep within the Congolese jungle live a unique and secretive family. A Vampire, a Mortal, and their fifteen year old daughter, Oriah, a Child of Venus. Their lives are idyllic. Under the blazing sun Oriah paints, swims and practices her gift of controlling the elements around her.

But the peace is not to last.

The Vampire dictator Naraku and his loyal army, The Chikara, have taken a special interest in Oriah. When they descend on her home destroying everything she holds dear, she flees to England in search of answers.

But instead of answers, she finds more questions, none of which she can seem to solve.

Is the mysterious Sebastian really trustworthy? And why is she so drawn to him?

What do the Chikara want from her?

And how far is she willing to push herself in the fight for her freedom?

© 2018 Sam Vickery

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