Keep It Secret

A deadly attack. A shameful past. To protect her daughter, she’ll unearth her darkest secrets.

After surviving a tormented childhood, Isabel Cormack dedicated her life to protecting the defenceless. When a deadly encounter threatens to tear her from her adopted daughter and bipolar sister, she vows to take her secret to the grave. But when footage of her home is broadcast nationwide, she’s faced with a slew of threatening notes and the uneasy feeling that someone haunts her footsteps.

To protect her daughter and vulnerable sister, she vows to uncover the stalker’s identity. On her search for clues, a dark figure from her past emerges as a terrible reminder of the pain she’s caused those she loves most. No longer able to outrun her past, Isabel must confront her deepest regrets to save her family and give herself one last shot at redemption.

Keep it Secret is the second standalone novel in a pulse-pounding series of psychological thrillers. If you like gripping suspense, true-to-life characters, and unbreakable family bonds, then you’ll love Sam Vickery’s powerful tale of loss and redemption.

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