The Things You Cannot See

What happens when the hand that rocks the cradle is broken?

Megan Taylor was never good at anything, until she became a mother. Raising her first son, Toby, had been the happiest time of her life and she was sure that her second baby would bring her just as much joy.

But it isn’t long after Milo’s birth when she realises that something is different. The bond she found so easy with her firstborn, is conspicuously absent. The harder she tries to force the feelings of maternal love, the more she struggles to even be near him.

As Megan fails at the only thing she’s ever been good at, her grip on reality begins to slip. There are only two things she can be sure of. She must not tell anyone the truth. And eventually, she will have to make a choice between herself and her baby.

An emotional roller-coaster of a novel you won’t want to put down.


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