I know many of you prefer reading a real, paper version when it comes to a good book, and I’ve had a lot of emails asking me if and when The Promise will be available as a hardcopy. Well, wait no more my friends, for it is here!

I’m still figuring out how to link up the reviews between the kindle version and this one so I’ll share some of the wonderful reviews so far with you here.

“What makes The Promise special is the level of raw motherly emotion that Vickery has poured behind a central thought provoking question… “What would you do, if….?”

The Promise shows a depth of character development beyond that of standard ‘women’s fiction’, and offers readers a journey into what it means to love selflessly, completely, and what truly makes a mother – biological or otherwise.”

“A mothers love really is impenetrable and this was explored wonderfully in “the promise”. I read this book in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down. My heart was well and truly drawn into this tale about the depths of a mother love. Many of the words felt written straight from my own heart, felt about my own children.

I won’t post any spoilers but there were points I could barely breathe due to the raw emotions I was feeling for the characters. I cried and I even found myself wanting another baby (!!) to relive the moments so beautifully written about in the promise. Well worth a read. Excellent.”

“This is a wonderfully written book, full of confronting emotions. It really makes you think about what you would do in the same situation. It also made me question how quickly strong feelings of maternal love can grow. I was reading it, wondering if Saraya was actually feeling love for this baby, or whether she was trying to fill a void of love in her own psyche. By the end of the book, I still couldn’t figure it out, but realised that it really didn’t matter. Both her and baby Flynn needed love and the unconventional situation provided them both with what they needed. It was an easy read, with a depth to the narrative that was enticing. I hope that Sam writes more fiction surrounding parenting. Sometimes it is easier to read and learn about parenting from a story, rather than a non fiction guide. Thank you Sam for a great book!”

“I was excited to read this book as I’ve previously read the authors non-fiction parenting books. This is a really lovely story that really makes you wonder what you’d do in a similar situation – it demonstrates that right and wrong are not always as clear cut as we might think. It’s an easy read, not too long and an unexpected ending, which I always like.”

“I have read many books this summer with my time off and this by far has been a favorite!

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