Recently, I have had a lot of my readers contact me to ask about what order they should read my books in, so I thought I would write a quick post to help with any confusion.

Most of my novels are ‘stand-alone’ stories, which means they aren’t connected to any other book and can be read in any order. However, many readers like to read the novels in the order I wrote them, so I will write a chronological list at the bottom of this post.

The two novels that ARE connected, however, are ‘One More Tomorrow’ and ‘Keep it Secret.’ Both feature the same set of characters and although you could read ‘Keep it Secret’ as a stand-alone, it does contain some big spoilers for ‘One More Tomorrow,’ so I would definitely recommend reading ‘One More Tomorrow’ first.

My books in order of writing:

The Promise

One More Tomorrow

Keep it Secret

The Things You Cannot See

Where There’s Smoke (coming summer 2019)

And my most recent novella is ‘What You Never Knew,’ which is only available as a free download from here.

I hope that is helpful. Happy reading 🙂